The Electric Radio Index

by Steve Ickes, WB3HUZ

Do you have a large collection of Electric Radio magazine? Have you ever wanted to refer to an article in a past issue? Depending on how good your memory is, you probably spent a fair amount of time paging through numerous issues of ER. Well, you don't need to do that any longer!

Don Buska, N9OO has done a wonderful job producing an electronic index of Electric Radio articles and photographs. The index is available in several forms.

  • Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet file
  • Comma Delimited Text (CSV) file
  • Text file formatted for printing

    Don has made the index available for Windows, DOS and OS/2 users as a compressed self-extracting archive of the above files. [Download]. With Don's permission, yours truly, has made the same files available for Macintosh users. [Download]. I've also made the two text files (no MS Excel file) available for UNIX/Linux users. [Download].

    These files will be updated every six months. The current index is up to issue 121, May 1999. If you just have to have the latest, you can perform a web based search at Don's site. This data is updated each month. The search routine requires a Java capable browser.

    So get these files and begin to mine the ten years of great information in your Electric Radio collection.

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    1 October 1999