AM RulZ!

AM Expedition to Dobbins Island, MD

Left to Right: Pete-N2QEI, Bob-WA2VMO(kneeeling), Greg-K3EWZ, Gary-N2INR, Carol (XYL of HUZ), Steve-WB3HUZ, Dave-K3ZRF, Ron-WA3WBC, Warren-NY2H, Russ-WB3FAU, Tim-N3DRB

The Dobbins Island AM Expedition (10,11 Sep 1993) was the first known AM expedition since the early 1960's. The expedition proved (again) that vintage equipment (Viking II, R-390A and generator power) can work in a field environment. Dobbins Island is a small, uninhabited island in the Chesapeake Bay at the mouth of the Magothy River (Maryland). Complete details can be found in Issue 54 (Oct 93) of Electric Radio. The Expedition was also a celebration of Rock IV. See the equipment setup for the expedition.

11 February 1997