Modified Speech Amp/Driver for the 32V-3 by WA1HLR

(Items in red denote changed or added components)

Component Changes and Additions

Component Original Value New Value
C202 0.01 uF/300V Mica 0.05 uF
C203 2 uF/600V Paper 20 uF
C204 2 uF/600V Paper 20 uF
C205 0.01 uF/300V Mica 0.05 uF
C206 2 uF/600V Paper 10 uF
C207 2 uF/600V Paper 50 uF
C211 0.05 uF/600V Paper 10 uF
C217 8uF/350V Electrolytic 20 uF
R202  1M 4.7M
New/Added Parts
Cap in Negative Feedback Circuit 0.01 uF2 kV
Resistor in Negative Feedback Circuit 1M/2W

HUZ: I assume these mods are good for the 32V-1 and 2 transmitters too.  I've heard this mod done recently on Steve's (KA1ORG) 32V. The difference was like night and day. Now Steve has a real nice smooth low end and very clean audio. This is an excellent mod that requires no blasting or drilling. The rig can easily be returned to stock condition for the collectors.

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17 Feb 2007