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AM RulZ!
The AMers Home on the Web

  This page is to be a resource for AMers worldwide. If you would like to contribute material, comments or suggestions, please e-mail me.




Why have an AM Window
on the Web?


   The short answer is Why Not? AM is fun - AM is cool. The AM Window has for years referred to a set of frequencies on 75 meters (roughly 3870-3890 kHz) where AM operation is prevalent. Since this web site serves a similar purpose on the Internet, thus the name.

  Amplitude Modulation (AM) was once the main voice mode in amateur radio. Now it is a well regarded specialty within the hobby. AM offers a warm, rich audio quality that provides for more personal interaction. The simplicity of AM circuit design encourages hands-on restoration, modification and homebrew construction to an extent no longer found among contemporary radios.

  If you are interested in having fun with AM Radio, feel free to browse around this site. You'll find all kinds of info on favorite AM frequencies, nets, technical information, photos, a bulletin board, and even AM audio. Enjoy! 


12 January 2002