Tips for Posting Success 


Refer to the attached image below.

1. If it's a long message, click on the Post Reply Link at the top of the page. This will scroll the page to the bottom revealing the posting fields. If it's a short message, the posting fields will probably already be visible and you won't need to perform this step.

2. Type your name and call in the field labeled Name/Call. This is required, as no anonymous or alias name postings are allowed on this Bulletin Board. Such postings will be deleted.

3. Enter your email address in the field labeled E-mail, but only if you wish to share your email. Some people don't want their email out there, so this is optional.

4. Type your reply in the largest of the fields, the one labeled Message. You'll note the text from the message to which you are replying is already quoted/included in the message field for reference. This is much like your email application. For clarity, if it is a long message, and you are replying to only one part of it, cut out the parts to which you are not replying. Or in other words, include the part(s) from the previous message that are relevant to your reply.

5. When you are done with that, click on the Post Message button at the very bottom of the page.

6. Your message will be posted and a page will come up and show it. On this page will be a link to return to the main Bulletin Board page. Click on it. Once back at the main BB page, if you don't see your message listed DO NOT post it again. First hit reload on your Web browser (Control-R). Usually, after you do this, you will see your message listed.